Building Great Futures, One Day at a Time

To help youth continue building their great futures during this time of crisis, the Boys & Girls Club of Kingsville is pleased to announce our 28-Day Challenge. With a different activity each day, youth can stay engaged in learning, service, gratitude, arts and crafts, and developing their skills. Any youth who completes the entirety of the 28-Day Challenge will receive a FREE Boys & Girls Club of Kingsville t-shirt, as well as having their name put into a drawing for a FREE Summer Membership.

(Click the Image Below to Download the 28-Day Challenge Sheet)

Boys & Girls Clubs provide a safe way to learn and grow in a fun environment. Children build ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals through life-enhancing programs and character development experiences.

When bad things happen, how do we act individually, and how can we come together as a society? How can we be kind in times of darkness?

Whether it’s a few hours or a long commitment, volunteering not only supports those around you but positively influences you as well.

Living a full and altruistic life is about more than just doing your best. It’s about sharing your best with others around you and connecting with them through our inherent need to tell stories.